Our core belief

We came together because we all share a single, simple core belief. It is this belief that drives every decision and underlies every discussion.

Every human has the inalienable right to food, shelter, education, and health care.

The old saying is “the devil is in the details” and that is true here as well. So, to keep everyone moving the same direction, here is what that means to us:

  • Every human is interpreted in the most inclusive sense. It includes any individual that would be considered human. This, by definition, includes all genders, all gender identities, all skin colors, all beliefs, and all nationalities, without exception. It also includes any successors to our race.
  • We believe that these basic necessities are things to which everyone is justly entitled. There are no further requirements. These are things we should provide to everyone.
  • Food includes fruits, vegetables, meats, and other minimally processed ingredients sufficient to maintain their health.
  • While standards for what is an acceptable shelter varies around the world. We have defined it here as being sufficient space for each individual to have a room or space of their own and communal spaces for cooking, hygiene, storage, and entertainment for each family group.
  • The scholastic standards we use for education should already be met by any active organization. Each adult should be able to speak, read, and write in their native language. They should also be able to solve the three basic mathematical operations: addition, subtraction, and multiplication. They should have a general knowledge of world history, a practical knowledge of national history, and an in depth knowledge of local history. They should understand and be able to utilize the scientific method.
  • We define health care as being sufficient medical care to maintain health, both mental and physical. This includes any operation necessary to the mental or physical health of a person.

Author: Jennifer